A webpack loader for sass.js

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A webpack loader for sass.js.

Why would I want to use this?

Honestly, you probably don't, and should use sass-loader instead. This is only good for people who can't use node-sass. Perhaps your corporate firewall blocks the node-sass executable binary, or perhaps it won't run on your system.


$ npm install --save-dev sassjs-loader webpack sass.js

It's expected that you'll install the right versions of webpack and sass.js. Look in the devDependencies in package.json to see what versions this tool was built with.
For Node.js version compatibility, check .travis.yml.


This is a standard Webpack loader, so you can use it the same way you'd use any other loader as described in the Webpack documentation.


PRs welcome!
npm install and npm test work the standard way.
Please be mindful of maintaining the Node.js version compatibility specified in .travis.yml. PRs will not be accepted if Travis tests are not passing.