webpack 4 plugin to download & save remote files locally

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SaveRemoteFilePlugin webpack plugin


yarn add save-remote-file-webpack-plugin --dev
npm install save-remote-file-webpack-plugin --save-dev

How it works

webpack 4 plugin to download & save remote files locally
It was written to allow for the downloading of so that it can be served locally, but it can be used to locally download any remote file as part of the webpack build process.
The resulting file has a content hash appended to the file name after it is downloaded, and is added to your manifest.json if you are using manifest-webpack-plugin


const SaveRemoteFilePlugin = require('save-remote-file-webpack-plugin');
module.exports = {
    plugins: [
        new SaveRemoteFilePlugin([
                url: '',
                filepath: 'js/analytics.js',

This would emit js/analytics.45eff9ff7d6c7c1e3c3d4184fdbbed90.js and in your manifest.json something like this:
"js/analytics.js": "/dist/js/analytics.45eff9ff7d6c7c1e3c3d4184fdbbed90.js"


You can pass in either an object, or an array of objects for downloading multiple files.
  • url - remote URL of the remote file to save locally
  • filepath - filename where the file will be saved, relative to your webpack output.path
  • hash - boolean whether to add a content hash to the output filename. (default: true)