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Scene-UI:A simple ui-component-lib with simple style
🎉🎉 Congratulations on the official v1.0 release The scene-ui component library is an open source component library maintained by the students of the School of Software of ShanDong University. Now a total of 15 basic components, 6 scene components, and 2 ui-method components can be used. Main technology stack: Vue3+TypeScript Features:
  • out-of-the-box,
  • scene components
  • low-code development platform(not available)
Our website: The three of us are rookies, and hope make progress together with the mature devloper.

quick start

First you need to install the latest version of Scene-UI: ``` npm i scene-ui --save //produce environment npm i scene-ui --save-dev //develop environment ``` Then you need to import our global CSS styles in main.ts or elsewhere: ```typescript import 'scene-ui/style' ``` Then import the components you need as needed: ```vue

update version

It is recommended to delete the scene-ui dependency package from nodemudules, and then use npm to download it again