Animate elements as they scroll into view

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Animate elements as they scroll into view.

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ScrollReveal is a JavaScript library for easily animating elements as they enter/leave the viewport. It was designed to be robust and flexible, but hopefully you’ll be surprised below at how easy it is to pick up.



A simple and fast way to get started is to include this script on your page:
<script src=""></script>

This will create the global variable ScrollReveal
Be careful using this method in production. Without specifying a fixed version number, Unpkg may delay your page load while it resolves the latest version. Learn more at


npm install scrollreveal


const ScrollReveal = require('scrollreveal')


import ScrollReveal from 'scrollreveal'

Installation provides us with the constructor function ScrollReveal(). Calling this function returns the ScrollReveal instance, the “brain” behind the magic.
ScrollReveal employs the singleton pattern; no matter how many times the constructor is called, it will always return the same instance. This means we can call it anywhere, worry-free.

There’s a lot we can do with this instance, but most of the time we’ll be using the reveal() method to create animation. Fundamentally, this is how to use ScrollReveal:
<h1 class="headline">
	Widget Inc.


🔎 See this demo live on JSBin

The full documentation can be found at

If you’re using an older version of ScrollReveal, you can find legacy documentation in the wiki

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Licensed under the GNU General Public License 3.0 for compatible open source projects and non-commercial use.

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