A calendar-style date filter component for Searchkit

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A calendar-style date filter component for Searchkit
This Searchkit filter lets users filter start-end date ranges based on a chosen start time and an optional end time.
See demo directory for a working example.

Example component

import { SearchkitComponent } from "searchkit";
import { DateRangeFilter, DateRangeCalendar } from "searchkit-datefilter"

class App extends SearchkitComponent {

        title="Date range"
          type: 'embedded',
          options: {
            path: 'event_date'

Loading CSS from the module

If you're using Searchkit CSS, this module should match that pretty well.
@import '../node_modules/searchkit/release/theme.css';
@import '../node_modules/searchkit-datefilter/release/theme.css';

Note that this is an illustrative example; in actual use you probably want to set up a resolve alias for your node_modules dir or use ~ if your loader supports it.

Not seeing those styles...

A quick fix is to add the parameter url=false to your CSS loader, but note that this will break imports that use url().
  test: /\.css$/,
  loader: 'style!css?importLoaders=1&url=false!postcss'

A better solution is to set up css-raw-loader.


  • fromDateField (ESField): Required. An elasticsearch date field to use as the beginning.
  • toDateField (ESField): Required. An elasticsearch date field to use as the end.
  • id (string): Required. id of component. Must be unique. Used as key for url serialisation
  • title (string): Required. Title used for component and for selected filters component
  • calendarComponent (ReactComponent): Calendar component to use when rendering
- Compatible with `DateRangeCalendar`
- Defaults to `DateRangeFilterInput` which just shows two date math input fields
  • fieldOptions ({type:"embedded|nested|children", options:Object}) Configures the type field that is stored in ElasticSearch, can be embedded or nested or children
- `type:nested` requires `options.path` provided
- `type:children` requires `options.childType` provided
- see [Field Options]( in Searchkit documentation
  • rangeFormatter ((count:number)=> string|number) A formatter function used to convert numbers into more readable display values. E.g. long number formatting or prefixing currencies.`



Warning: Failed context type: Invalid context 'searchkit' of type 'SearchkitManager' supplied to 'DateRangeFilter', expected instance of 'SearchkitManager'

Webpack is bundling searchkit twice. See webpack/webpack#2134.
To resolve this in your project, you will need to add something like this to webpack.config.js:
resolve: {
  alias: {
    'searchkit': path.resolve(path.join(process.cwd(), 'node_modules', 'searchkit'))