Validate Passwords with OWASP standards.

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Validate Passwords with OWASP standards. Check OWASP Source Here.


Current methods to validate secure passwords, like enforce at least a number or an uppercase letter have been proven to be ineffective.
For that reason this library focus on ensuring that the passwords have not only those rules, but also enforces a minimum password length and checks it in a blacklist of the most commonly used passwords.


import {validate} from 'secure-password-validator' 

const myWeakPassword = 'password'

const result = validate(myWeakPassword)

console.log(result.valid) // boolean
console.log(result.errors) // string[], an array with broken rules


const options ={ // options and its keys are optional
  // min password length, default = 8, cannot be less than 8
  minLength: number,
  // max password length, default = 100, cannot be less than 50
  maxLength: number,
  //array with blacklisted passwords default black list with first 1000 most common passwords
  blackList: string[], 
  // password Must have numbers, default = false
  digits: boolean,
  // password Must have letters, default = false
  letters: boolean,
  // password Must have uppercase letters, default = false
  uppercase: boolean,
  // password Must have lowercase letters, default = false
  lowercase: boolean,
  // password Must have symbols letters, default = false
  symbols: boolean,

const result = validate(myWeakPassword, options)

Using another blacklist

Checking for the most common 10.000 passwords is a better option
import {validate} from 'secure-password-validator' 
import first10000 from 'secure-password-validator/build/main/blacklists/first10_000'
const myWeakPassword = 'password'

const options ={
  blacklist: first10000

const result = validate(myWeakPassword, options)