Build custom, accessible, select menus for React.

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Build custom select menus in React. Provides a low level way to build the select menu you need.


npm install selectly --save
bower install selectly --save

Example Usage

import { Select, Trigger, OptionList, Option, utils } from 'Selectly'
const { getToggledValues } = utils

class MultiSelect extends Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      defaultValue: 'Select a color',
      currentValues: []

  _handleChange(value) {
      currentValues: getToggledValues(this.state.currentValues, value)

  render() {
    const { defaultValue, currentValues } = this.state
    return (
        onChange={value => this._handleChange(value)}
          { currentValues.length > 0
            ? currentValues.join(', ')
            : defaultValue
        <OptionList tag="ul" className="react-select-menu">
          <Option value="red">Red</Option>
          <Option value="green">Green</Option>
          <Option value="blue">Blue</Option>

Select Props

children: PropTypes.node.isRequired (Accepts 2 children)

The first child is used as the trigger and the second child is used as the options that will be displayed upon clicking the trigger.

multiple: PropTypes.bool

When true this allows multiple options to be selected.

disabled: PropTypes.bool

Puts the select menu in a disabled state.

autoWidth: PropTypes.bool

Determines if the options should be the same width as the trigger.

onChange: PropTypes.func

Callback when an option has been selected. Passes back the value that was selected.

React ARIA Components

Trigger, OptionList, and Option are exported directly from React ARIA


buildOptionsLookup: (array options)

Returns a flat object to allow optgroup options to be accessed easier.
  { label: 'Dogs', optgroup: [
    { value: 'frenchy', label: 'French Bulldog' },
    { value: 'pit-bull', label: 'Pit Bull' }
  { label: 'Cats', optgroup: [
    { value: 'munchkin', label: 'Munchkin' },
    { value: 'persian', label: 'Persian' }

turns into
  'frenchy':  { value: 'frenchy', label: 'French Bulldog' },
  'pit-bull': { value: 'pit-bull', label: 'Pit Bull' },
  'munchkin': { value: 'munchkin', label: 'Munchkin' },
  'persian':  { value: 'persian', label: 'Persian' }

getAllValues: (object options)

Returns an array of all option values.

getToggledValues: (object prevValues, array, string nextValues)

Returns a new array of values either added or removed.

getCurrentOptions: (object options, array, string currentValue)

Returns an array of the current option or options.

isOptionSelected: (array, string currentValue, string value)

Determines if value exists in or matches currentValue. Returns true or false.

Run Example

clone repo
git clone
move into folder
cd ~/selectly
install dependencies
npm install
run dev mode
npm run dev
open your browser and visit: http://localhost:8080/