Sequelize migrations generator && runner

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Migration generator && runner for sequelize This package provide two tools:
  • makemigration - tool for create new migrations
  • runmigration - tool for apply created by first tool migrations


npm install sequelize-auto-migrations


  • Init sequelize, with sequelize-cli, using sequelize init
  • Create your models
  • Create initial migration - run:
makemigration --name <migration name>
  • Change models and run it again, model difference will be saved to the next migration
To preview new migration, without any changes, you can run: makemigration --preview makemigration tool creates _current.json file in migrations dir, that is used to calculate difference to the next migration. Do not remove it! To create and then execute migration, use: makemigration --name <name> -x

Executing migrations

  • There is simple command to perform all created migrations (from selected revision):
  • To select a revision, use --rev <x>
  • If migration fails, you can continue, use --pos <x>
  • To prevent execution next migrations, use --one
For more information, use makemigration --help, runmigration --help


  • Migration action sorting procedure need some fixes. When many foreign keys in tables, there is a bug with action order. Now, please check it manually (--preview option)
  • Need to check (and maybe fix) field types: BLOB, RANGE, ARRAY, GEOMETRY, GEOGRAPHY
  • Downgrade is not supported, add it
  • This module tested with postgresql (I use it with my projects). Test with mysql and sqlite.