The Sequelize CLI (TypeScript)

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The Sequelize Command Line Interface (CLI) for TypeScript

Table of Contents



Install CLI globally with
$ npm install -g sequelize-cli-typescript

Now you can run CLI using following command anywhere
$ sequelize


Install CLI locally to your node_modules folder with
$ npm install --save sequelize-cli-typescript

You should be able to run CLI with
$ node_modules/.bin/sequelize

Differences from Sequelize-Cli (non-TypeScript)

With sequelize-cli, the ``model:generate`` command would produce JavaScript files in two folders: /models and /migrations, or other folders as specified in your .sequelizerc file. The ``db:migrate`` command would then exe ute these JavaScript files to update your database.
With sequelize-cli-typescript, ``model:generate`` produces TypeScript files in the same two folders (or again, as specified in your .sequelizerc file). But before you can run ``db:migrate`` you must compile your migrations. (The step of compiling your migrations is left to you.)
You could compile your migrations along with your other code, or as part of a separate script. After you have compiled your migrations, then you can run ``db:migrate``.
It's usually the case that the compiled JavaScript code will be put in a different directory than the source TypeScript code, so whereas sequelize-cli had one ``migrations-path`` setting, sequelize-cli-typescript has two: ``migrations-source-path` and `migrations-compiled-path``, which default to /migrations and /migrations/compiled respectively.


Sequelize CLI [Node: 6.11.2, CLI: 3.0.0, ORM: 4.8.0]

  db:migrate                        Run pending migrations
  db:migrate:schema:timestamps:add  Update migration table to have timestamps
  db:migrate:status                 List the status of all migrations
  db:migrate:undo                   Reverts a migration
  db:migrate:undo:all               Revert all migrations ran
  db:seed                           Run specified seeder
  db:seed:undo                      Deletes data from the database
  db:seed:all                       Run every seeder
  db:seed:undo:all                  Deletes data from the database
  db:create                         Create database specified by configuration
  db:drop                           Drop database specified by configuration
  init                              Initializes project
  init:config                       Initializes configuration
  init:migrations                   Initializes migrations
  init:models                       Initializes models
  init:seeders                      Initializes seeders
  migration:generate                Generates a new migration file       [aliases: migration:create]
  model:generate                    Generates a model and its migration  [aliases: model:create]
  seed:generate                     Generates a new seed file            [aliases: seed:create]

  --version  Show version number                                         [boolean]
  --help     Show help                                                   [boolean]


Sequelize CLI is always looking for contributions. You can help us with fixing bugs, reporting bugs or improving documentation.
Please read contributing documentation

Sequelize Support

CLI v3 fully supports Sequelize v3. Support for Sequelize v4 is still experimental.
Full support for Sequelize v4 is coming soon with Sequelize CLI v4