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serverless-dynamodb-client ================================= serverless npm version license This Serverless 0.5.x plugin help you to call AWS Dynamodb SDK without switching between different dynamodb instances, whether you work with Dynamodb local or online in AWS.

This Plugin Requires

Using in your code

For each Lambda function, run the following command to add it to the npm package.json dependancies list npm install --save serverless-dynamodb-client Then you can use dynamodb in your code as follows ``` var dynamodb = require('serverless-dynamodb-client'); var rawClient = dynamodb.raw; // returns an instance of new AWS.DynamoDB() var docClient = dynamodb.doc; // return an instance of new AWS.DynamoDB.DocumentClient() ``` Note: You need to run the serverless-dynamodb-local with default port: 8000 for this library to work


  • Dynamodb SDK (rawClient):
  • Dynamodb Document Client SDK (docClient):