Serverless plugin for integrating with ElasticMQ when invoking functions locally

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Serverless SQS Local
A Serverless plugin for using ElasticMQ for local development with SQS.
It allows you to create and remove queues defined in your serverless.yml in a locally running ElasticMQ instance, so that you do not have to rely on AWS SQS while developing.
  1. Run ElasticMQ locally. Either directly or using docker. See the ElasticMQ docs for more information.
  2. yarn add -D serverless-sqs-local / npm install --save-dev serverless-sqs-local
  3. Add serverless-sqs-local to the Plugins section of your serverless.yml
  4. Run SQS_ENDPOINT=<url_to_elasticmq> sls sqs migrate to create the queues.
  5. Run SQS_ENDPOINT=<url_to_elasticmq> sls sqs remove to remove the queues.

The plugin will output the URLs to the queues. They typically have the form <SQS_ENDPOINT>/queue/queue-name.
I recommend using this plugin together with serverless-sqs-client to transparently switch between AWS SQS and ElasticMQ depending on if you are running in offline mode or note.
  • This plugin currently does not expose a way to install, start and stop ElasticMQ. My current thinking is that this is something that should be solved outside of serverless. If you disagree, open an issue and make your case. I am potentially open to contributions to add support for this.
  • If you have ideas for how to expose the queue urls to the application, please open an issue and explain your idea.
If you want to add a new feature, please first open an issue and discuss it with me. If you open a PR directly, it's possible that it might be rejected and your efforts wasted.