A library that offers an easy interface to deal with Sharepoint

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Average time to resolve an issue Percentage of issues still open SharepointPlus ($SP) is a JavaScript library which offers some extended features for SharePoint entirely on client side (requires no server install). $SP will simplify your interactions with Sharepoint.


Browse the online documentation here.

Quick Start

Node Environment

```sh npm install sharepointplus ``` Then: ```javascript import $SP from 'sharepointplus' ``` Please, make sure to read the documentation to optimize your bundle size.

Browser Only

To directly use it in a browser: ```html ```

Usage / Examples

Update all items with an "Amount" value bigger than 1000: ```javascript $SP().list('My List Name').update({ Title:"Too expensive" }, { where:"Amount > 1000" }) .then(function(res) { alert(res.passed.length+" items successfully updated!"); }); ``` Get all items with "Requestor" as the current user and with "Default Color" is "pink": ```javascript $SP().list('ListName').get({ fields:"Title,Size", where:"Requestor = 'Me' AND Defaultx0020Color = 'pink'", orderby:"Size DESC", json:true }) .then(function(data) { data.forEach(function(d) {
console.log("Model = "+d.Title+" (size: "+d.size+")";
}) }); ```

More information

Please visit the online documentation to know more.