Builds a shortcode that is then translated into a form

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Form short-code Builder

This is a tool that helps build shortcodes that are then parsed and appropriate html is produced.

This project uses Vue.js for all the frontend work and a php backend to import existing shortcodes


For your local development environment you should have:



Shortcodes that are produced are not necessarily going to work in your application. This only helps create the shortcode. In order to use the shortcode a parser/interpreter of the shortcode needs to be present in your application. You must also understand the character constraints of a shortcode. Most special chatacters are not allowed. You must be aware of how your parser works in order to use this tool correctly to fit your needs.

The Shortcode

For example when my parser takes in this shortcode:

build-form name="Example Form" newline="," delimiter="|" submitbuttonname="Submit" action="build-form" questions="Name|your-name|text|default|Enter text here"

It will call the build-form shorcode. It will make the main heading for the form be Example Form. The submit button will have an id and value of submit. It will call the /app/build-form route because of the action. It will produce a Text input with a id and name set to your-name, and a value of default. A label with the value Name will be created for that input. a <small>Enter text here</small> will be placed under the input.