rewrites require paths with defined aliases

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browserify transform which can shorten require paths with defined aliases.


Install with npm(1):
$ npm install shortify


Call shortify with your alias hash and pass it to the transform method of your browserify instance. ``` var shortify = require('shortify'); var builder = browserify({ entries: 'app.js' }); var transform = shortify({ foo: '../../foo' }); builder.transform(transform).bundle().pipe(yourwritestream); ``` Then require your modules will be rewritten from: ``` var bar = require('foo/bar'); var baz = require('foo/../baz'); ``` to: ``` var bar = require('../../foo/bar'); var baz = require('../../foo/../baz'); // your module.exports source code ``` You can do the same with import in ES6: ``` import bar from "foo/bar"; import baz from "foo/../baz"; // compiles to: import bar from "../../foo/bar"; import baz from "../../foo/../baz"; ``` Main motivation behind this is that you can keep the > 80 character per line limit when requiring templates, configuration, ... files shared between your server and client environment.


Run npm test to build the file and and run the Mocha tests defined in opt/test/index.js.


Thank you to anubhava and T. J. Crowder on stackoverflow for helping me out with the regex. (Still seems mystical to me ^^).


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