A simple gallery component that works hand in hand with the showcar-carousel

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This module provides a easy to use vanilla js gallery library with previews and full screen view. Actually it is just a wrapper that handles the communication between two showcar-carousel components.


Live example:
Visit the example on github pages.
Local example:
Just run the following command in the root of the carousel library.
$> npm start

This will open a small express server on your local machine where you can see the running example.
Visit: http://localhost:8080


See the following example below:
<div id="my-pics">
  <as24-pictures class="as24-pictures">
    <div class="as24-pictures__container">
      <!-- Header -->
      <div class="as24-pictures__header">
        <div class="as24-pictures__header-line">
          <h2 class="as24-pictures__picture-title"><!-- The main title of the gallery --></h2>
          <i class="as24-pictures__fullscreen-close"><!-- close button text --></i>
        <div class="as24-pictures__header-line">
          <h5 class="as24-pictures__picture-subtitle"><!-- The secondary title of the gallery --></h5>
      <!-- / Header -->

      <div class="as24-pictures__content">
        <div class="as24-pictures__slider-container">
          <!-- Slider -->
          <as24-carousel class="as24-pictures__slider" role="slider" loop="infinite">
            <div class="as24-carousel__container" role="container">
              <div class="as24-carousel__item">
                <!-- the content of a slider item -->
            <a href="#" class="as24-carousel__button" role="nav-button" data-direction="left"></a>
            <a href="#" class="as24-carousel__button" role="nav-button" data-direction="right"></a>
            <div class="as24-carousel__indicator" role="indicator">2/7</div>
          <!-- / Slider -->

          <!-- Thumbnails -->
          <as24-carousel role="thumbnails" class="as24-pictures__thumbnails">
            <div class="as24-carousel__container" role="container">
              <div class="as24-carousel__item">
                <!-- the content of a thumb item -->
              class="as24-carousel__button as24-carousel__button--hidden"
            <a href="#" class="as24-carousel__button" role="nav-button" data-direction="right"></a>
          <!-- / Thumbnails -->

        <!-- Additional info -->
        <aside class="as24-pictures__info">
          <!-- description, ads, whatever -->
        <!-- / Additional info -->

Note: The number of the thumbnails and the number of slides MUST be the same!

CSS Styling

As to styles, you only have to specify these:
#my-pics .as24-pictures__slider .as24-carousel__item {
  width: 640px;
  height: 480px;

#my-pics .as24-pictures--fullscreen .as24-pictures__slider .as24-carousel__item {
  height: auto;

Custom Events

The library triggers following custom events with event.detail:
  • as24-pictures.fullscreen - when fullscreen mode is toggled

```js {
fullscreen: true;
} ```
  • as24-pictures.slide - when the image of the slider has been changed

```js {
direction: "right",
fullscreen: true,
id: "",
index: 6,
role: "slider"
} ```


How to install:

To install showcar-pictures within your project use npm.
$> npm install showcar-pictures --save

Afterwards you need to add some css and js to your page.
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../dist/showcar-pictures.css" />

<script src="../dist/showcar-carousel.js"></script>

Note: The showcar-pictures depends on the showcar-carousel component.


How to contribute:

  • Fork this repository.
  • Then install the required dependencies.
``` $> npm install ```
  • Start the dev server.
``` $> npm run dev ```
Note: changes will automatically build and refresh the browser.
Save your changes and run $> npm run prod.
Commit your code
and the compiled libraries in ./dist. Then create a pull-request.


MIT License