The smallest and lightest scss library

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The smallest and lightest scss library

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Online demo

Visit demo website.
Visit a theme customization example.

What's the difference with other SCSS libraries?

This is a micro SCSS library to help you build websites
    ✓ Only 32.9 kB (8.2 kB gzipped)
    ✓ Modular
    ✓ Customize colors, borders, radius & sizes
    ✓ Responsive

Quick install

Using npm
npm install sierra-library --save-dev


In sass files (recommended)
@import 'sierra-library/lib/index';

or directly in your html
<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/sierra.min.css">


If you want to customize Sierra library's theme, create your own custom-settings file and add it just before importing sierra files:
@import 'custom-settings';
@import 'sierra-library/lib/index';

This custom-settings.scss file should contain all those SCSS variables you want to overwrite:
$c-primary: #3498db;
$c-secondary: #2ecc71;

$fz-base: 18px;


Theme customization example
Theme customization example code


Contributing rules

  • Do not include unrelated commits in the same Pull Request.
  • Use .editorconfig file located in the root folder. More info
  • Use the .scss-lint file located in the root folder.
  • In case of doubt, join our chat sierra-library gitter.

Who's Using This?

Are you using Sierra Library in your awesome project too? drop us an email.
Made by Joan Claret (@dpam23) and contributors  |  This library is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0.