A JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing.

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sigma.js - v1.2.0
Sigma is a JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing, mainly developed by @jacomyal and @Yomguithereal.


The website provides a global overview of the project, and the documentation is available in the Github Wiki.
Also, the plugins and examples directories contain various use-cases that might help you understand how to use sigma.

How to use it

To use it, clone the repository:
git clone

To build the code:
- Install Node.js. - Install gjslint. - Use npm install to install sigma development dependencies. - Use npm run build to minify the code with Uglify. The minified file sigma.min.js will then be accessible in the build/ folder.
Also, you can customize the build by adding or removing files from the coreJsFiles array in Gruntfile.js before applying the grunt task.


You can contribute by submitting issues tickets and proposing pull requests. Make sure that tests and linting pass before submitting any pull request by running the command grunt.
The whole source code is validated by the Google Closure Linter and JSHint, and the comments are written in JSDoc (tags description is available here).