Implements some simple functionalities over react-dropzone that should solve most cases of file upload, delete and download, keeping all flexibility of dropzone, if needed.

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The demo source code is located at src/samples.
To run this demo application and play with it run:
yarn && yarn run start-sample

How to use


yarn add simple-react-dropzone

With redux-form

import 'simple-react-dropzone/ui/css/filepicker.css'; // You can copy to your project and change.
import 'simple-react-dropzone/ui/css/dropzone.css';   // You can copy to your project and change.
import { ReduxFormFieldSimpleReactDropzone } from 'simple-react-dropzone';

// Create your own component with some default configurations.
const MySimpleReactDropzone = props => (
    // By default will be used to upload (POST method), download (GET method) and delete (DELETE method).
    imediateRemove={false} // Choose the mode you want to use. Look at props documentation.
    maxFilesize={20} // MB

// Component use:
const UploadAndDownloadPanel = props => (
    // You can show some files already uploaded.
    // Each file should have the follow props: {name, id, size, lastModifiedDate}.

// ...

// With imediateRemove=false files are uploaded automatically to the server without association 
// to any system entity. The association should be done when the form is saved. 
// The form will have a field (see prop name) with two arrays. 
// One with the files ids which were added and other with the removed ones. 
// The added ones should be asssociated to the desired entity. 
// The removed ones should be unassociated and deleted.

// The removed files which was not 'existingFiles' will be delete automatically from the server
// and nothing else needs to be done with those files.

// The form field will also have a hasPendingUpload property.
// With this property you can disable save command until all uploads are finished.

Without redux-form

import 'simple-react-dropzone/ui/css/filepicker.css'; // You can copy to your project and change.
import 'simple-react-dropzone/ui/css/dropzone.css';   // You can copy to your project and change.
import { SimpleReactDropzone } from 'simple-react-dropzone';

SimpleReactDropzone is different from ReduxFormFieldSimpleReactDropzone only by not having name property and the property onChange should be used to know which files were added, removed and if has pending upload. All other properties are the same.

Properties documentation

Look at the SimpleReactDropzone.propTypes code documentation in src/lib/ui/SimpleReactDropzone.js.