lightweight yet flexible validation lib for vue.js

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Simple Vue Validator
Simple Vue validator is a lightweight yet flexible plugin for Vue.js 2.0 that allows you to validate input fields, and display errors. It watches changes of your model data, validates them and informs you with the validation result.
It supports the following features:
  • Fully customized validation rules.
  • Cross field validation.
  • Async/ajax validation (with supports of loading indicator, result caching, debounced user input).
  • Validating custom component.
  • Dynamic form / multiple validation instances.
Please checkout the full documentation for more detail.


Package is installable via npm.
npm install --save simple-vue-validator
You can also install it via bower.
bower install --save simple-vue-validator
NOTE: for bower package, please use /dist/plugin.js.


import Vue from 'vue';
import SimpleVueValidation from 'simple-vue-validator';

Basic Usage

Define the validators object in your vue / component instance:
validators: {
      email: function (value) {
        return Validator.value(value).required().email();
In the template HTML use the validation object injected by the library to display validation status / results.
<div class="message">{{ validation.firstError('email') }}</div>
Please checkout the full documentation for more detail.

license MIT