Simple HTTP Server for static files. Intended as testing and development tool

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simplehttpserver: Simple HTTP Server
'simpehttpserver' is an simple imitation of Python's SimpleHTTPServer and is intended for testing, development and debugging purposes
Install globally
Install using npm
npm install simplehttpserver -g
Run simplehttpserver by a command
simplehttpserver [directory]
[directory] is used as a web root. Default is the current working directory. Server listens the port 8000. Open browser to http://localhost:8000 to view.
Security Consideration. simplehttpserver does not care if symbolic links point outside the web root directory.
Run locally
node simplehttpserver.js
You must have all the dependencies installed
Custom MIME types
Additional MIME types can be defined by command line arguments.
simplehttpserver --mime.text/mytype=my,my2 --mime.font/woff2=woff2 .
Custom mime types
*.my,my2 mime type text/mytype
*.woff2 mime type font/woff2
Listening web root dir /Users/teemu.ikonen/work/blog/simplehttpserver