Cross-Platform JavaScript Creative Coding Framework

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A tiny (~2kb gzipped) platform for JavaScript creative coding.

A few examples from the showcase

Start Coding Faster

sketch.js lets you get straight to the fun parts of creative coding, without ever having to worry about shims or boilerplate code.
It gives you a graphics context, an animation loop, normalised input events and a host of useful callbacks to hook into.
Here's an example: ````javascript Sketch.create({
setup: function() {
    this.r = this.g = this.b = random( 100, 200 );
mousemove: function() {
    this.r = 255 * ( this.mouse.x / this.width );
    this.g = 255 * ( this.mouse.y / this.height );
    this.b = 255 * abs( cos( PI * this.mouse.y / this.width ) );
draw: function() {
    this.fillStyle = 'rgb(' + ~~this.r + ',' + ~~this.g + ',' + ~~this.b + ')';
    this.fillRect( 0, 0, this.width, this.height );
}); ````
See it in action

The Highlights

A sketch is an augmented drawing context (CanvasRenderingContext2D, WebGLRenderingContext or HTMLElement) so it has all the expected drawing methods built in. The mouse property is also the first element of the touches array and vice versa, so you can code to one standard and get touch and multi-touch support for free. The update and draw loops run on the browser animation frame and can stop and start whenever you like. You get fast access to Math functions and constants, plus extras like range and array enabled random, map and lerp. Simple and configurable. You can even bring your own context, so it works well with libraries like THREE.

The Rest

For more information, check out the getting started guide, the API, the many examples in the showcase and the full source.