Node SDK for the Skyhook graphql API

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Skyhook Graphql SDK
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This module contains auto-generated:
  • Graphql types, inputs and ENUMs (exported as API)
  • DynamoDb types (exported as DynamoDB)
  • Introspection JSON (exported as IntrospectionJSON) - useful for running eslint-plugin-graphql on queries.

Use with Eslint

The following config is needed for use with eslint-plugin-graphql:
const { IntrospectionJSON } = require('skyhook-graphql-sdk');

module.exports = {
  rules: {
    'graphql/template-strings': [
        schemaJson: IntrospectionJSON,
        // Other eslint-plugin-graphql settings, e.g:
        env: 'literal',
        tagName: 'gql',

This Module is Auto-Generated

This is an auto-generated SDK for the Skyhook graphql api. A new build is triggered every time the Skyhook API service is updated, such that it is always up to date. The CD is managed by the API service.

Built by Skyhook

This module is contributed by the team at Skyhook.