slapp conversation store implementation that uses the BeepBoop key/value store persist service

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Beep Boop Conversation Store for Slapp
This is an implementation of the conversation store interface for slapp for Slack apps running on Beep Boop.


npm install --save slapp-convo-beepboop


const Slapp = require('slapp')
const BeepBoopConvoStore = require('slapp-convo-beepboop')

var slapp = Slapp({
  convo_store: BeepBoopConvoStore(),

Optionally pass an options object to the BeepBoopConvoStore constructor.
The following options are supported
  • debug boolean
  • logger` - defaults to null - Should be an object w/ a debug and error function.
  • provider - beepboop (default) or memory. If set to beepboop, will also fallback to memory if config cannot be inferred and not running on Beep Boop

When running on Beep Boop all of the configuration for the store is handled automatically.