Port of Python's slumber library -- A library that makes consuming a RESTful API easier and more convenient

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Slumber (Node.js version)
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Port of the Python's slumber library in Node.js -- A library that makes consuming a RESTful API easier and more convenient
Node's Slumber is a Node.js library that provides convenient yet powerful object-oriented interface to RESTful APIs. It acts as a wrapper around the excellent request library and abstracts away the handling of URLs, serialization, and request processing.


  1. Install Node's Slumber
$ npm install slumber
  1. Use Node's Slumber

Usage in CoffeeScript

slumber = require 'slumber'

# Connect to with the Basic Auth user/password of demo/demo
api = slumber.API '', { auth: ['demo', 'demo'] }, ->

  # GET
  #     Note: Any kwargs passed to get(), post(), put(), delete() will be used as url parameters
  api('note').get (err, data) ->
    console.log err, data

  # ---

  callback = (err, data) ->
    console.log err, data

  # POST
  new_post = api('note').post({'title': 'My Test Note', 'content': 'This is the content of my Test Note!'}, cb)

  # PUT{id}/
  api('note')(new_post['id']).put({'content': 'I just changed the content of my Test Note!'}, cb)

  # PATCH{id}/
  api('note')(new_post['id']).patch({'content': 'Wat!'}, cb)

  # GET{id}/

  # DELETE{id}/

  api('resource').get {username: "example", api_key: "1639eb74e86717f410c640d2712557aac0e989c8"}, cb

  # GET
  api('note').get(title__startswith="Bacon", cb)

How to use callbacks

node-slumber uses a dynamic callback mechanism, based on the arity of the callback.
Depending on the callback arity, you will have:
  • with an arity of 1: function(err)
  • with an arity of 2: function(err, processedData)
  • with an arity of 3: function(err, fullRequestResponse, processedData)


node-slumber uses the debug package.
To enable debug you can use the environment variable DEBUG= as :
  • DEBUG='slumber:api' ... to see debug for node-slumber API calls only
  • DEBUG='slumber:*' ... to see debug for node-slumber, more verbose
  • DEBUG='*' node ... to see debug for all modules using debug, extremely verbose


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  • Node.js >= v0.10

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