Simple and flexible boilerplate management

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Simple and flexible boilerplate management

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Snap allows you to save, organize, and use boilerplates quickly and easily. When you find yourself using the same starting files for multiple projects just run snap save starter, and when you need to use that starter project again: snap starter my-project. It's that easy.


``` npm install -g snap ```



Saving a boilerplate with Snap is quick and easy: ``` snap save source options ``` <name> should be something short and memorable so that you can use it later. [source] can be a local path to a directory (e.g. ./starter) or a Git repository URL (e.g. Providing a source is optional. If you don't, the current working directory will be saved. Options: - -o, --overwrite: Overwrite an existing boilerplate that has the same name


When you want to use a boilerplate you have saved, run: ``` snap options ``` <boilerplate-name> should be the name of a boilerplate you have saved. <project-directory> should be a local path to the project you want to create. For example, if you want to create a project called my-project with a boilerplate called starter, you should run snap starter ./my-project. Options: - -i, --install: Automatically run npm install after creating the project


If you want to see what you have saved: ``` snap ls ``` You'll either get a nice list of names or a message telling you that you don't have anything saved yet.


To view the file structure of a boilerplate: ``` snap show ``` <name> should be the name of a boilerplate you have saved.


When you no longer need a boilerplate and want to delete it: ``` snap rm ``` You can provide one or more names of boilerplates you have saved.


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Snap is MIT licensed.