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Loads the configuration for your module.


Although you can require this module directly, it's recommended you create your own config.ts file that can be cached by the require system and called without a path:
// config.ts
import { loadConfig } from 'snyk-config';
export const config = loadConfig('<directory with config files>');

// in app.ts
import { config } from './config';

// in foo.ts
import { config } from './config'; // matches config in app.ts


The config loader will look for the following values in order of priority, specifically, if a property appears in multiple layers of config (below) the first found is used:
  • process environment values prefixed with SNYK_
  • process arguments
  • a config.secret.json file in the path specified by:
* the `secretConfig` option, or
* the environment variable `CONFIG_SECRET_FILE`, or
* in the specified config directory
  • a config.${SERVICE_ENV}.json file in the specified config directory,
* where `SERVICE_ENV` defaults to `local`, if not set
  • a config.default.json file in the specified config directory



  "from": "file"


import { loadConfig } from 'snyk-config';
// as we're in the same directory as the config.local.json, there's no arg
const config = loadConfig();


$ SNYK_from=cli node app.js
=> { from: "cli" }


  • Values read from the environment or from the process arguments will always be strings
or booleans. This is important to differentiate from values parsed in the config files as these can be numbers.
  • Environment property names strip off the preceding SNYK_ string, so SNYK_foo = 10
becomes foo = "10"
  • To create a nested object structure from the environment values, use two underscores:
SNYK_foo__bar = 10 becomes foo = { bar: "10" }
  • By default, environment variable values will not be JSON-parsed.
Parsing can be enabled by adding the parseEnvValues option, or by setting the CONFIG_PARSE_ENV_VALUES environment variable.