Generate an interactive Specificity Graph for your CSS.

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Specificity Graph (for CSS)
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Idea by Harry Roberts
The generated graph Generate an interactive line graph showing the specificity in your stylesheet. Uses d3, css-parser, and specificity.


npm install specificity-graph


specifity-graph can be used in different ways:


specificity-graph <cssFile> [options]
Creates a directory containing
  • json file with specificity data for your CSS
  • html file with interactive specificity graph for CSS
  • necessary JS files to run graph


| Flag | Description | ---------------- | ------------- | | -o --output | name for generated directory (default: specificity-graph) | | -b --browser | auto launch browser to view generated chart | | -h --help | Help |

Node module

var specificityGraph = require('specificity-graph');

specificityGraph(directory, css, function(directory){
  console.log('specificity-graph files created in ' + directory);

Via JavaScript

First get the specificityGraph accessible in your code:

Using Browserify (or similar)

Just require('specificity-graph').

Standalone (no module loader)

Add <script src="specificity-graph-standalone.js"></script>, this will expose specificityGraph as a global variable.


  • specificityGraph.create(css, options)
  • specificityGraph.createFromData(specificityData, options),
  • specificityGraph.update(css)
| Name | Description | ---------------- | ------------- | | css | String with css to generate specificity graph for | | specificityData | JSON object with css specificity data. CLI write a JSON in this format, as does the lib/lineChart's create function' |
Create options
| Create option name | Description | -------------------- | ------------- | | svgSelector | Selector for svg element to draw specificity graph inside. Defaults to .js-graph. | | width | default 1000. You should set a viewBox value on the SVG element to match width and height, f.e. viewbox='0 0 1000 4000'. | | height | default 400 | | showTicks | Boolean. Show scale and ticks. Default false. | | xProp | (possible values: 'selectorIndex', 'line'). What to base the x dimension, 'location in stylesheet' in graph on: index of selector in CSS, or line number for selector in CSS. Default 'selectorIndex'. | | yProp | default 'specificity' |