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SpinJS is a build tool that can create project builds for production, run them in test mode, and launch your project in watch mode for development without the need for you to configure the builds. To make this possible, SpinJS analyzes your project structure and dependencies and decides how to build the project. And unlike many similar build tools, SpinJS doesn't tie you to a specific framework or lock you out from the generated configurations – you can customize the project configurations however you need.
To reach the goal, SpinJS reads the package.json file as well as the actually installed dependencies in the node_modules directory and then automatically configures the technologies it knows about using custom plugins. SpinJS also understands whether you're developing a standalone project, a Lerna monorepo, or a Yarn Workspaces project to decide how it should be built.
In doing so, SpinJS relieves you from the pains of configuring the project builds for client, server, and native mobile applications so you can focus on development.
The bottom line is that SpinJS does its best to provide you with an advanced build setup using the minimal information about the technology stack while still giving you the ability to configure every aspect of how your project gets built.


Install SpinJS in development dependencies of your project using Yarn:
yarn add spinjs --dev

Alternately, you can use NPM:
npm install spinjs --save-dev

Getting Started

To start using SpinJS, you only need to create a basic project and then install the necessary dependencies (including SpinJS). You can then build and run your project with SpinJS using the command below:
# Without scripts
yarn spin watch

SpinJS will build your project for development and launch it in watch mode: upon changes in code, SpinJS will rebuild the project and reload the build using hot code reload or live code reload.
NOTE: If you're using NPM rather than Yarn, you need to add a few scripts to package.json to be able to run your project with SpinJS.

SpinJS Documentation

You can follow to the documentation to learn more about SpinJS:

Community Support

  • Gitter channel - ask your questions, find answers, and participate in general discussions!
  • GitHub issues - submit issues and request new features!

Commercial Support

The SysGears team provides advanced support for commercial partners. A commercial partner will have premium access to our team to get help with Spin. Contact us using Skype or via email info@sysgears.com.


Very many thanks to our contributors (emoji key):
Victor Vlasenko

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. We welcome any contributions to the project!


Copyright © 2018 SysGears INC. This source code is licensed under the MIT license.