Decorator for StencilJs to run annotated method on click outside of component.

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What is it?

stencil-click-outside is a Stencil @ClickOutside decorator that allows you to call component method as the user clicks outside of the host component. Obviously it's very easy. Why then import it as external library? First, because it does not make sense write this boilerplate code in each project. Second, because decorator solution is elegant and convenient.


In your Stencil project, add stencil-click-outside to your package.json: ``` npm i stencil-click-outside ```

How to use it?

It's very simple: you just need to anotate your method with @ClickOutside and it will be called when user clicks outside of component area. ```javascript import { Component, h } from "@stencil/core"; import { ClickOutside } from "stencil-click-outside"; @Component({ tag: "my-component", shadow: true }) export class MyComponent { @ClickOutside() someMethod() {
"someMethod was called because user just clicked outside of MyComponent"
} render() {
return <div>Hello, World!</div>;
} } ``` It may sometimes happen that you would like monitor for outside clicks not the whole component's HTMLElement but only some part, a div which you render. This is also possible the API then is as follows: ```javascript import { Component, h } from '@stencil/core'; import { registerClickOutside } from 'stencil-click-outside'; @Component({ tag: 'my-component', shadow: true }) export class MyComponent { someMethod() {
console.log("someMethod was called because user just clicked outside of span html element in render method of MyComponent");
render() {
return (
ref={spanEl => registerClickOutside(this, spanEl, () => this.someMethod())}>
Hello, World!
} ```


You may pass some optional parameters to decorator (or util function): ```javascript @ClickOutside({
exclude: 'button .exclude-click-outside-class'
}) ``` | Property name | Type | Default | Description | | --------------- | ------ | --------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | triggerEvents | string | 'click' | A comma-separated list of events to cause the trigger | | exclude | string | | A comma-separated string of DOM element queries to exclude when clicking outside of the element. Example: [exclude]="'button .btn-primary'". |