This plugin enables to create, to read and to update content in different languages, both from the Admin Panel and from the API

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Deprecation Warning :warning:

Hello! We have some news to share,
We’ve decided it’ll soon be time to end the support for strapi-plugin-i18n.
After years of iterations, Strapi is going to V4 and we won’t maintain V3 packages when it’ll reach its end-of-support milestone (~end of Q3 2022).
If you’ve been using strapi-plugin-i18n and have migrated to V4 (or if you want to), you can find the equivalent and updated version of this package at this URL and with the following name on NPM: @strapi/plugin-i18n.
If you’ve contributed to the development of this package, thank you again for that! We hope to see you on the V4 soon.
The Strapi team