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A developers goodie for Strapi Headless CMS which provides a basic core set of types & interfaces and generic utilities useful for every plugin creator or team which is extending the core implementation.

✨ What's included?

  • Strapi Core: Basic set of types & interfaces which include Strapi, DB, ContentType and more.
  • Generic utility types: Useful for plugin creators and teams which are extending Strapi.

⏳ Installation

(Use yarn to install this dependency within your Strapi project (recommended). Install yarn with these docs.)
yarn add -D strapi-typed@latest

and then use
import { IStrapi } from 'strapi-typed';

Enjoy 🎉

🤝 Contributing

Feel free to fork and make a Pull Request to this project. All the input is warmly welcome!

👨‍💻 Community support

For general help using Strapi, please refer to the official Strapi documentation. For additional help, you can use one of these channels to ask a question:
  • Discord We're present on official Strapi Discord workspace. Find us by [VirtusLab] prefix and DM.
  • Slack - VirtusLab Open Source We're present on a public channel #strapi-molecules
  • GitHub (Bug reports, Contributions, Questions and Discussions)
  • E-mail - we will respond back as soon as possible

📝 License

MIT License Copyright (c) VirtusLab Sp. z o.o. & Strapi Solutions.