A strophe.js plugin for Message Archive Management (XEP-0313)

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Plugin for strophe.js to provide Message Archiving Management (XEP-0313).
This plugin requires the Strophe.RSM plugin to be loaded as well.


npm install strophejs-plugin-mam


Querying an archive

connection.mam.query(where, parameters)
where is the JID hosting the archive. In most cases you will want to set this to your own bare JID in order query your personal archive, but it could also be a MUC room, an archiving component or a bot.
parameters is an object containing parameters for the query. This can have properties from two and a half categories:
Handlers: onMessage which gets called for each message received, and onComplete which is called when the query is completed.
Filtering: Half of this is the parameters defined by MAM; with, start or end, which allow you to filter the results on who the conversation was with, and the time range.
Additionally, parameters from Result Set ManagementRSM can be supplied. You would probably be most interested in the after and before properties, which allow you to do pagination of the result set, and the max property, which allow you to limit the number of items in each page. Note: Better RSM integration is on the TODO, you currently have to pick out the last or first items yourself and pass those as after or before respectively.


To query, for example, your personal archive for conversations with you could do:
connection.mam.query("", {
  "with": "",
  onMessage: function(message) {
				console.log("Message from ", $(message).find("forwarded message").attr("from"),
					": ", $(message).find("forwarded message body").text());
				return true;
  onComplete: function(response) {
				console.log("Got all the messages");