The api for the extendable JavaScript mutation testing framework Stryker

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Stryker API
This is the repository for maintaining the API of the Stryker JavaScript mutation testing framework. Plugin creators should depend on this API rather than on the main Stryker repository directly.
Extension use cases
You can extend Stryker in a number of ways.
  1. Create your own Mutator
  2. Create a custom Reporter
  3. Create a TestFramework for a test framework
  4. Create a TestRunner to bridge the gap between your test runner and Stryker
  5. Create a custom way of configuring Stryker by creating a ConfigEditor

All extension points work in the same basic way.
  1. Create a constructor function (or class)
  2. Register the constructor function to the correct Factory.

More info comming soon. In the mean time, take a look at the Stryker homepage.