An html reporter for the JavaScript mutation testing framework Stryker

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Stryker HTML Reporter
An HTML Reporter for the JavaScript mutation testing framework Stryker


Click on the image below to see a real-life example of a report generated from a test run on stryker itself!


Install stryker-html-reporter from your project folder:
npm i --save-dev stryker-html-reporter


You can either configure the html reporter from the stryker.conf.js file or from the command line. This readme describes how to do it via the config file.

Load the plugin

In order to use the stryker-html-reporter it must be loaded in the stryker mutation testing framework via the stryker configuration. Easiest is to leave out the plugins section from your config entirely. That way, all nodemodules starting with stryker- will be loaded.
If you do descide to choose specific modules, don't forget to add 'stryker-html-reporter' to the list of plugins to load.

Use the reporter

In order to use the reporter, you must add 'html' to the reporters. For example: reporters: ['html', 'progress'].


You can configure the html reporter by adding a htmlReporter object to your config.


Configure the base directory to write the html report to.

Full config example

// stryker.conf.js
exports = function(config){
        // ...
        reporters: ['html'], // You may also want to specify other reporters
        htmlReporter: {
            baseDir: 'reports/mutation/html' // this is the default
        plugins: ['stryker-html-reporter'] // Or leave out the plugin list entirely to load all stryker-* plugins directly
        // ...


Use Stryker as you normally would. The report will be available where you have configured it, or in the reports/mutation/html as a default. See
for more info.