A plugin for javascript projects using Stryker

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Stryker JavaScript mutator
A mutator that supports JavaScript for Stryker, the JavaScript Mutation testing framework. This plugin does not transpile any code. The code that the stryker-javascript-mutator gets should be executable in your environment (i.e. the stryker-javascript-mutator does not add support for Babel projects).


First, install Stryker itself (you can follow the quickstart on the website)
Next, install this package:
npm install --save-dev stryker-javascript-mutator

Now open up your stryker.conf.js file and add the following components:
mutator: 'javascript',

Now give it a go:
$ stryker run

JavaScript Mutator

The JavaScript Mutator is a plugin to mutate JavaScript code. This is done using Babel without any plugins.
See test code to know which mutations are supported.