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See The alignment problem in the docs for more background of the problem this module set out to address.
Originally developed as a node version of python's stt-align by Chris Baume - BBC R&D.

Setup - development

git clone

cd stt-align-node

npm install

Setup - in production

npm install stt-align-node


Other then to realign STT results with accurate text, this modules can also be used to perform related oprations in the same domain, such as benchmarking STT.
| Function | Description | type | | :--------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | -------- | | alignSTT | Realign STT json with accurate text. by transposing words from accurate text to timecodes of STT. | json | | diffsList | return a diff json of STT vs accurate text | json | | diffsListAsHtml | return a diff of STT vs accurate text as HTML | html | | diffsListAsHtmlContentOnly | return a diff of STT vs accurate text as HTML content | html | | diffsCount | return a diff of STT vs accurate text as HTML | json | | calculateWordDuration | return a diff of STT vs accurate text as HTML | Number |
See See README in example-usage folder as well as code examples for more.
const { alignSTT } = require('stt-align-node');
const result = alignSTT(transcriptStt, transcriptText);
// Do something with the result

const { diffsList } = require('stt-align-node');
const result = diffsList(trainscriptSttText, transcriptText);
// Do something with the result

const { diffsListAsHtml } = require('stt-align-node');
const result = diffsListAsHtml(trainscriptSttText, transcriptText, url);
// // Do something with the result

const { diffsListAsHtmlContentOnly } = require('stt-align-node');
const result = diffsListAsHtmlContentOnly(trainscriptSttText, transcriptText);
// // Do something with the result

const { diffsCount } = require('stt-align-node');
const result = diffsCount(trainscriptSttText, transcriptText);

example output
{ "equal": 1415, "insert": 8, "replace": 307, "delete": 62, "baseTextTotalWordCount": 1784, "wer": 0.21132286995515695 }

System Architecture

Node version of stt-align by Chris Baume - R&D.

In pseudo code overview of alignSTT:
  • input, output as described in the example usage.

- Accurate base text transcription, string. - Array of word objects transcription from STT service.
  • Align words

- normalize words, by removing capitalization and punctuation and converting numbers to letters - generate array list of words from base text, and array list of words from stt transcript.
- get [opcodes]( using `difflib` comparing two arrays
- for equal matches, add matched STT word objects segment to results array base text index position.
- Then iterate to result array to replace STT word objects text with words from base text
- interpolate missing words
- calculates missing timecodes
- first optimization
  - using neighboring words to do a first pass at setting missing start and end time when present
- Then Missing word timings are interpolated using interpolation library [`'everpolate`](

Development env

  • node 10
  • npm 6.1.0


npm run build

bundles the code with react, into a ./build folder.

build demo

npm run build:demo

Demo is in docs folder
Publish demo to github pages
npm run deploy:ghpages


npm run test:watch

  • add more tests


Deploy to npm
npm run publish:public