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Stucky - sticky table headers
This is a pretty simple to use sticky table headers implementation. Not a ton of features, but who needs them anyways.
Oh, and a nice bonus is that it doesn't require jQuery!


Once initialized, your tables should hopefully get awesome sticky headers.
  • If you have a <thead />, you'll get a horizontal sticky header row
  • If you have <th />s inside your <tbody> tag, you'll get a vertical sticky
header row.
  • If you have both - well, god darn it, you'll get all the stickies.

Browser compatibility

Tested and working in latest evergreen browsers, on both desktop and phones, as well as IE 9 or newer. Note that in order for IE9 to work, you need a classList polyfill. The demo.js also uses babel-polyfill, which adds some ES5 methods.


The package is available via NPM:
$ npm install --save stucky

If you don't believe in package managers, you can grab either the uncompressed or the minified version.


I like stuff to be simple to use. When the DOM is loaded, simply add this:
// Import the scripts
import Stucky from 'stucky';

// Select the tables you want to have sticky headers
const $tables = [...document.querySelectorAll('table')];

// Set up options
const opts = {
    // If you have a fixed header, this px value will let you account for it
    topMargin: 0,
    // Remove the header this px value before the end of the table
    allowance: 0,
    // Space separated class names to apply to the table wrapper
    wrapperClasses: ''

// Initiate them
$tables.forEach($table => new Stucky($table, opts));

A note about styles

There are some styles that are required for this to work. You'll find it here - but it's also included in the NPM package if you want to use it directly. Just make sure they are included somehow!

Open open source

We :heart: pull requests! If you want to help out, feel free to create an issue, or even better - create a pull request to go with it. If I like your work, I'll make sure to make you a contributor :)


If you'd like to submit a pull request or fork this project, I've already set up some basic build tasks:
$ npm run build     # Build the project
$ npm start         # Start a dev server and open the demo page in a new tab