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Stylelint Bundle
This repository branch modifies Stylelint and creates a bundle:
  • To allow bundling of the code.
  • To reduce the file size of the standalone version.
  • It removes excessive code to make it efficient to use with the Stylus browser extension.
  • The bundle includes the sugarss syntax. It will be used when config.customSyntax === "sugarss".


Create the bundle

  • Download or clone this repository.
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm run build (will refresh the version of stylelint).
  • An IIFE bundle stylelint-bundle.min.js is created in dist directory using the modified version of Stylelint.
  • Run npm test for testing.


The resulting bundle:
  • Exposes the standalone version of Stylelint.
  • It does not work from the command line:
All code that uses the node file system (fs) or path (path) are bypassed or removed. All command-line interface (CLI) code is bypassed or removed.


  • Within your HTML page, load the bundle.

```html ```
  • Access the stylelint global:

```js stylelint.lint({
code: "body { color: #000; }",
config: {
  customSyntax: 'sugarss',
  rules: { /*...*/ },
  formatter: () => {}
}).then(({results}) => {
}); ```
To get more details, including all the options and return promise values, see the stylelint Node API page; but, don't forget the limitations of this bundle!

For contributors

To update to a new version of Stylelint specify its exact version in package.json version:
"version": "14.2.0",
Then run the build script. In case of failure update the rules in build/index.js.

Debug the bundle

Set environment variable DEBUG to 1 then run npm run build:
  1. You will get a webpage visualization of modules included in the bundle.
  2. Detailed module information in stats.json.
  3. The bundle is no longer minimized.