A helper for debugging css-in-js styles

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Styles Debugger
A helper for visually debugging css-in-js styles. Works both with template literals or objects.
Made by Kitze


yarn add styles-debugger


Basic usage

With template literals

import { debug } from 'styles-debugger';
import styled from 'styled-components';

const Header = styled.div`

With objects

import { debug } from 'styles-debugger';
import emotion from 'react-emotion';

const Header = emotion('div')({

Show text along the border

const Wrapper = styled.div`

Show text + customize options

const Footer = styled.div`
  ${debug('Footer', { color: 'blue', debugWith: 'background' })};

Initialize custom instance

Instead of using the default debug function you can create your own debugger. Initialize it in some file and customize it the way you want.
import { CreateStylesDebugger } from 'styles-debugger';

const debug = CreateStylesDebugger({
  color: 'blue',
  borderSize: 3,
  position: 2,
  styles: {
    text: {
      color: 'red'
  debugWith: 'background'

export default debug;

Configuring the debugger

import { JavascriptStylesDebugger } from 'styles-debugger';

const debug = JavascriptStylesDebugger({
  pseudoElement: 'before',
  color: 'red',
  borderSize: 3,
  position: 3

export default debug;

Configuration options

  • enabled: if this is set to false debug mode will be turned off for all the components (default is true)
  • position: pick the corner position for the text: options are 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (default is 1)
  • color: which should be a default color for the border of the element (by default it's a random color)
  • debugWith: what should be used for debugging the elements: border or background (default is border)
  • borderSize: if using border for debugging, specify the size of the border (default is 1)
  • showText: enable or disable showing text with pseudo elements for each component (default is true)
  • pseudoElement: which pseudo element to be used: after or before
  • styles: an object that can be passed to completely override the styles for element (the element that is debugged), and text (the pseudo element with the text).

Available params for debug

debug(text: String, params: Object)
Each debug function call can override the default params object for the debugger with a custom object. So for example if for some element you would like to use specific options for debugging you can just pass them as the params parameter.