A small library to convert React props into a style object.

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A small library to extract style and CSS transform declarations from a React props object into a style object, with some helpful conversions along the way. See stylistic-elements for the higher-level application of this.
For example:
import {extract} from 'stylistic';

  id: 'myElement',
  onClick: onClickHandler,
  marginTop: 12,
  translateY: 24,

// Returns:

  id: 'myElement',
  onClick: onClickHandler,
  style: {
    marginTop: 12,
    transform: 'translate(0, 24px)',

Note: this is a work-in-progress. Support for browser prefixing is coming.

Supported CSS properties

All CSS properties should be supported. If I missed any, file a bug.
A few properties have special behaviors:
- Colors can be provided as [r, g, b, a] arrays as well as standard CSS strings (this can be useful for animating). - backgroundImage takes a path/URL directly, no need to wrap it in url(). - letterSpacing and lineHeight assume pixels if you supply a number, no need to add px.

Supported transform properties

- translateX - translateY - translateZ - scaleX - scaleY - rotateX - rotateY - rotateZ