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Supabase CLI (v1)
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Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative. We're building the features of Firebase using enterprise-grade open source tools.
This repository contains all the functionality for Supabase CLI.
  • x Running Supabase locally
  • x Managing database migrations
  • x Pushing your local changes to production
  • x Create and Deploy Supabase Functions
  • Manage your Supabase Account
  • x Manage your Supabase Projects
  • x Generating types directly from your database schema
  • Generating API and validation schemas from your database

Getting started

Install the CLI


Available via NPM as dev dependency. To install:
npm i supabase --save-dev

To run:
npx supabase -h


Available via Homebrew. To install:
brew install supabase/tap/supabase

To upgrade:
brew upgrade supabase


Available via Scoop. To install:
scoop bucket add supabase
scoop install supabase

To upgrade:
scoop update supabase


Available via Homebrew and Linux packages.
via Homebrew
To install:
brew install supabase/tap/supabase

To upgrade:
brew upgrade supabase
via Linux packages
Linux packages are provided in Releases. To install, download the .apk/.deb/.rpm/.pkg.tar.zst file depending on your package manager and run the respective commands.
sudo apk add --allow-untrusted <...>.apk

sudo dpkg -i <...>.deb

sudo rpm -i <...>.rpm

sudo pacman -U <...>.pkg.tar.zst

Other Platforms

You can also install the CLI via go modules without the help of package managers.
go install

Add a symlink to the binary in $PATH for easier access:
ln -s "$(go env GOPATH)/cli" /usr/bin/supabase

This works on other non-standard Linux distros.

Run the CLI

supabase help


Command & config reference can be found here.

Breaking changes

The CLI is a WIP and we're still exploring the design, so expect a lot of breaking changes. We try to document migration steps in Releases. Please file an issue if these steps don't work!


To run from source:
# Go >= 1.18
go run . help


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