Use SurveyJS Creator to create or edit JSON for SurveyJS Library.

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survey.creator is the visual survey creator / form builder for SurveyJS. It uses JSON to store the survey metadata.
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Dowload the latest version as zip file Download
Install the library using npm.
npm install survey-creator

Or use Azure CDN:

Include into your project

Explore examples

To learn how to include the visual survey creator / form builder on your page and explore examples of using, please go to web site

Read documentation

To find out more about the library concepts and the you may customize it, please read our documentation

Use quickstart repos

Angular CLI, React, Vue

See survey creator in action

See the survey cretor in action.

Building Survey Creator from sources

To build library yourself:
  1. Clone the repo from GitHub
git clone
cd survey-creator
  1. Acquire build dependencies. Make sure you have Node.js installed on your workstation. You need a version of Node.js greater than 6.0.0 and npm greater than 2.7.0
npm install
  1. Build the library
npm run build_prod

After that you should have the library at 'build' directory.
  1. Run unit tests
npm test
This command will run unit tests usign [Karma](


The library depends on: surveyjs and knockoutjs Optionally you may use bootstrap, ace editor and select2


The Survey Creator (Form Builder) is NOT FREE for commercial using. Please find more about licensing the product here.