Get signed distance field for a svg path

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svg-path-sdf experimental
Create signed distance field for an svg path data. svg-path-sdf


npm install svg-path-sdf ```js let pathSdf = require('svg-path-sdf') let arr = pathSdf('M40,0A40,40 0 1,1 0,-40A40,40 0 0,1 40,0Z', {
width: 200,
height: 200
}) ``` arr has 200×200 elements with value from 0..1 range, corresponding to distance. The path is drawn at the center of the sdf fitting to the minimum side.

distances = pathSdf(path, options|shape?)

Option | Meaning ---|--- width,w, height,h or shape | Output sdf size in px, defaults to 200×200. cutoff, radius | SDF parameters for bitmap-sdf, by default detected from shape to fit min side. viewBox | View box for the path data. If not defined, it is detected as path bounds via svg-path-bounds. stroke | Whether to stroke shape. Positive number will stroke outside the amount of pixels, negative number will stroke inside, 0-ish will disable stroke.


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