SVN Interface for Node.js

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SVN Interface for Node.js
A programing interface to Subverstion for Node.js. Uses child process spawning to run commands. For SVN commands that support it, this library uses the --xml option and parses the xml returned with xml2js.

Most functions take 3 arguments

working copy (wc) or files: (String|Array) options: (Object) The keys should match the options from svn help cmd (without the - or --). The value will be the argument to the command. If an option does not take an argument (like --dry-run) the value should be true. Example: { "username": "bob", "password": "a-secret", 'dry-run': true } If the value is an Array, the values in the array will be joined with a comma (,) There is one exception, the cwd option. The cwd option will be used for resolving relitive paths for files and working coppies. callback (cb): (Function) Optional. Receives (error, result).
All of the functions now return the child process that is spawned.

Currently Implemented svn commands

add (files, options, cb) blame (files, options, cb) cat (files, options, cb) changelist (files, name, options, cb) checkout (url, path, options, cb) cleanup (wc, options, cb) commit (files, options, cb) copy (src, dest, options, cb) delete (files, options, cb) diff (files, options, cb) export (files, options, cb) import (files, options, cb) info (files, options, cb) list (files, options, cb) lock (files, options, cb) log (files, options, cb) merge (src, target, options, cb) mergeinfo (src, target, options, cb) mkdir (files, options, cb) move (src, dest, options, cb) patch (file, wc, options, cb) revert (files, options, cb) status (files, options, cb) update (files, options, cb)
For any commands that have not been implemented yet, the _execSVN function is available. _execSVN takes the following: cmd: (String). The svn command you want to use. files: (String|Array). A list of files that will be added to the end (in order). options: (Object) See above callback (cb): (Function) Ditto