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Swagger Docs
Swagger API Documentations Viewer

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Warning! Under development

This project is under development and not ready for production use.


✔ Customizable
It's very easy to customize the looks of Swagger Docs.
✔ Linkable
Each path, operation, parameter and many more elements have their own URL.
✔ Independent from Swagger specs
Swagger Docs can load Swagger specs dynamically. Updating your API documentation is as easy as updating your Swagger specs file (swagger.json).
✔ Templates
You can use templates in description sections or other places to have custom variables for each user. For example you can have user access_token in documentations.
✔ Mobile Ready
Documentations look as good in mobile devices.


Serve static files

Swagger Docs is a static web application. You can download it via npm and serve the dist folder in your web server. Swagger Docs will make a request to ./swagger.json to get the Swagger document to render.
npm install swagger-docs

Use the Connect middle-ware

If you are using Express or any other Connect based server, there is a connect middle-ware.
var SwaggerDocs = require('swagger-docs');
var swagger = require('path/to/swagger.json');

app.use(SwaggerDocs.middleWare(swagger, {path: '/api-documentations'}));

Configuring Swagger Docs

Read Configuration Documentations here


Read Development Documentations here.