A simple convenience package that wraps the swagger-codegen-cli for the node/npm environment.

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A convenience package for the node/npm environment that wraps the Java library swagger-codegen-cli


The following dependencies would need to be installed on your machine before running the Swagger Codegen.
  • Java, version 7 or higher
  • The Java execution path must be on your environment variable PATH

Important Note

The current version of swagger-codegen-cli-3.x.x supports fewer languages ​​than the older versions (2.x.x): ```console Available languages: dart, aspnetcore, csharp, csharp-dotnet2, go, go-server, dynamic-html, html, html2, java, jaxrs-cxf-client, jaxrs-cxf, inflector, jaxrs-cxf-cdi, jaxrs-spec, jaxrs-jersey, jaxrs-di, jaxrs-resteasy-eap, jaxrs-resteasy, micronaut, spring, nodejs-server, openapi, openapi-yaml, kotlin-client, kotlin-server, php, python, python-flask, r, ruby, scala, scala-akka-http-server, swift3, swift4, swift5, typescript-angular, typescript-axios, typescript-fetch, javascript ```


Npm package for use with swagger-codegen-cli-3.0.34.jar

npm install -g swagger-nodegen-cli

Npm package for use with swagger-codegen-cli-2.4.4.jar

npm install -g swagger-nodegen-cli@2.4.4


Same as swagger-codegen-cli.jar without java -jar ... The main command is sc, swagger-codegen-cli or swagger-nodegen-cli (under Windows sc is in conflict with sc.exe) usage: swagger-codegen-cli <command> [<args>] usage: swagger-nodegen-cli <command> [<args>] usage: sc <command> [<args>] (under windows sc is in conflicts with sc.exe)


Display help, extended help, version and available languages

help, extended help
swagger-codegen-cli -h swagger-codegen-cli generate -h
swagger-codegen-cli version
Available languages
swagger-codegen-cli swagger-codegen-cli langs ```

Display detailed generation config options for a specific language

```console swagger-codegen-cli config-help -l typescript-angular ```

Generate openapi.json (v3) from swagger.json (v2) or openapi.yaml (v3)

```console swagger-codegen-cli generate -l openapi -i swagger.json|openapi.yaml> -o ```

Generate openapi.yaml (v3) from swagger.json (v2) or openapi.json (v3)

```console swagger-codegen-cli generate -l openapi-yaml -i swagger|openapi.json> -o ```

Generate a typescript-angular service from an Open API V2 (swagger)/V3 - JSON or YML file


  • Generates an Angular service per defined swagger resource
  • Generates models with custom property name flavours: camelCase, PascalCase, snakecase ... (see swagger-codegen-cli config-help -l typescript-angular)
  • Base path injection with InjectionToken
```console swagger-codegen-cli generate -i swagger.json -l typescript-angular -o src/services swagger-codegen-cli generate -i open-api.yml -l typescript-angular -o src/services ```

Integration into an Angular application

```tree |-- angular-application |-- src | |-- app | | |-- app.component.html | | |-- app.component.ts | | |-- app.component.css | | |-- app.module.ts | `-- services | |-- ... ``` ./src/app/app.module.ts ```typescript import { NgModule } from '@angular/core'; import { HttpClientModule } from '@angular/common/http'; import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser'; import { AppComponent } from './app.component'; import { ApiModule, BASEPATH } from '../services'; @NgModule({ imports:
, declarations:
, providers:
{ provide: BASE_PATH, useValue: 'http://localhost:10010' }
, bootstrap: AppComponent }) export class AppModule { } ```

Generate a nodjs-server skelton from an Open API V2 (swagger)/V3 - JSON or YML file

```console swagger-codegen-cli generate -i swagger.json -l nodejs-server -o my-server swagger-codegen-cli generate -i open-api.yml -l nodejs-server -o my-server ```