Fork of the famous Sylvester vector, matrix and geometry library. Rewritten in ES6 and including the glUtils.js add-ons.

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Fork of the famous Sylvester vector, matrix and geometry library. Please have a look at the original author's website for documentation and credits.


- Rewriting in ES6 - Including glUtils.js (see MDN tutorial for details) - Removing shorthand notations ($M, $L, ...) - Replaced "Line.Segment" with "LineSegment" - Replaced "Polygon.Vertex" with "Vertex" - Separate export for constant "precision" - Replacing "create"-functions with class constructors - Putting curly braces on the next line where ever ES6 allows it.


- The test "toRightTriangular" of class "Matrix" is failing, commented out for now - An assertion in the test "intersectionWith" of class "Line" fails sporadically (line number 58), commented out for now


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