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Syncscroll is a micro library (946 bytes minified) written in vanilla javascript, which allows to scroll two or more scrollable areas simultaneously (online demo).


Download and unpack the distribution, or install it using Bower:
$ bower install syncscroll

Load the syncscroll.js in a preferable way (that is an UMD module):
<script src="path/to/syncscroll.js"></script>

Create the scrollable elements which you need to be synchroniously scrolled, add the syncscroll class for them, and set the name attribute to the same value:
<div class=syncscroll name=myElements>
    First big text goes here...

<div class=syncscroll name=myElements>
    Second big text goes there...

That's it! Now the elements will be scrolled simultaneously. Keep in mind that scrolling is synchronized proportionally, and not by amount of pixels.
If you update a set of synchronized elements by changing the classes or attributes, invoke syncscroll.reset() to update the listeners.
Have fun!
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