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Systemic Azure Bus is a systemic component for the Azure Service Bus SDK. Its goal is to help you deal with azure bus topics and queues subscriptions and publications.
This library:
  • enforces the client to use a particular, sensible configuration
  • provides safe defaults for configuration
  • Exposes an easy interface for publication/subscription
  • Solves error handling
  • Allows clients to easily retry, retry with exponential backoff or dead letter a failed message
  • Opens/closes the connections


A typical, simple configuration looks like this:
	connection: {
		connectionString: process.env.AZURE_SERVICEBUS_CONNECTION_STRING,
	subscriptions: {
		topicSubscriptionName: {
			topic: 'myTopic',
			subscription: 'myTopic.action'
	publications: {
		topicPublicationName: {
			topic: 'myDestinationTopic',
			contentType: 'application/json', // optional - default is json

Systemic API

const initBus = require('systemic-azure-bus');
const { start, stop } = initBus();
const api = await start({ config }); // configuration similar to the one above

Topics API


const publicationId = 'topicPublicationName'; // declared in config
const publishInMyPublication = api.publish(publicationId);
await publishInMyPublication({ foo: 'bar' });


We provide a streaming API to subscribe to a topic and process messages flowing in.
const subscriptionId = 'topicSubscriptionName'; // declared in config
const subscribe = api.subscribe(console.error); // how to handle error
const handler = ({ body, userProperties }) => {
 // do something with message...
subscribe(subscriptionId, handler);

Get Subscription rules

In the case we want to retrieve the rules applied to a subscription, we can use this.
let subscriptionRules = await bus.getSubscriptionRules('topicSubscriptionName');

Peek DLQ

When a message goes to DLQ (Dead Letter Queue) we could peek those messages with this operation.
const subscriptionId = 'topicSubscriptionName'; // declared in config
const deadMessage = await api.peekDlq(subscriptionId); // retrieves only one

Process DLQ

Sometimes we need to process messages in DLQ, i.e. to purge it or to republish and reprocess them. We provide a streaming API to process them.
const handler = ({ body, userProperties }) => {
 // do something with message...
const subscriptionId = 'topicSubscriptionName'; // declared in config
api.processDlq(subscriptionId, handler);

Error handling