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$.Table Edits

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Table Edits is a lightweight jQuery plugin for making table rows editable. Built as minimally as possible so it's easy to extend. Demo
Table Edits only does a couple things:
  • Replaces cell values with input fields on edit
  • Handles row editing state
  • Fires callbacks for edit, save and cancel

And optionally, a couple more:
  • Binds a button or double click to start editing
  • Binds enter and escape keys to save and cancel
  • Maintains column widths when switching to edit
  • Create select fields instead of input fields


$("table tr").editable({
    keyboard: true,
    dblclick: true,
    button: true,
    buttonSelector: ".edit",
    dropdowns: {},
    maintainWidth: true,
    edit: function(values) {},
    save: function(values) {},
    cancel: function(values) {}


The only additional markup Table Edits requires is a data-field attribute on each editable cell with it's column name:
        <td data-field="name">Dave Gamache</td>
        <td data-field="age">26</td>
        <td data-field="sex">Male</td>
            <a class="edit>Edit</a>

The last cell will not become editable because it does not have the data-field attribute.

Saving Table Data

Table Edits makes it easy to save edits. Callbacks are passed a values object with column names and values of the edited row.
Posting the new data to an API endpoint is simple.
$("table tr").editable({
    save: function(values) {
      var id = $(this).data('id');
      $.post('/api/object/' + id, values);